De Jongens Driest Brass Quintet

DJDBQ is gearing up for a new tour in 2024. The full band getting back together again, with Michael and Matt coming in from NYC!

4 april Roode Bioscoop Amsterdam
5 april Paradox Tilburg
6 april De X Leiden
7 april Jazz Inverdan Zaandam
15 september Jazz in Feerwerd

The brass quintet will pick up where they left a couple of years ago, with original tunes, their own sound and higly skilled brass playing. Matt Darriau (alto saxophone, clarinet, kaval) lives in Brooklyn. He plays all over the world with the Grammy Award winning Klezmatics, and fronts his own Paradox trio. California born Michael Vatcher lived in the Netherlands for many years, and teamed up with other illustrious improv names like the Moore brothers in Available Jelly, with Ernst Reijsiger, Michiel Braam and Wilbert de Joode. Janfie van Strien (soprano and tenor saxophone, clarinet) and Joop van der Linden (trombone) work with the Amsterdam Klezmer Band, and can be found in concert halls and on festivals worldwide. In their spare time they work with numerous other ensembles, and both compose and record music. Arno Bakker (sousaphone) can be found in theatres, in a circus or on festivals. He also records, and acts on both theatre stages and in cinema.

This quintet performes on the intersections of improvised music, jazz and worldmusic, with plenty danceable moments, and the humorous Dutch touch. I invite you to watch and listen, either the Youtube clips below, or the album ‘In Full Colour’.