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DE JONGENS DRIEST BRASS QUINTET + MATT DARRIAU/MICHAEL VATCHER – In Full Colour (Rare 51; EEC) De Jongens Driest are a Dutch trio [Joop van der Linden on trombone, Janfie van Strien on clarinet & tenor sax and Arno Bakker on sousaphone] enlarged as a Brass Quintet with the addition Michael Vatcher on drums, and Matt Darriau on alto sax, clarinet & kaval. A couple of years back, the manager of the Michiel Braam Band left us with a couple of discs from De Jongens Driest which I reviewed. Paradox Trio leader Matt Darriau just left us with copies of another disc from the same Brass Trio which still includes Amsterdam-based drummer Michael Vatcher who you may recall from that fabulous Bob Dylan cover trio with Lindsey Horner and Michael Moore.
There is something festive and jubilant in this music. There is no bass player so the sousaphone which a sort of tuba plays the bass lines. All of the pieces were written by band members Joop, Janfie or Matt Darriau. That New Orleans parade strutting brass band spirit is alive and kicking in this band. “Albert” sounds like an old, bluesy dirge from the earlier part of the previous century. I dig the way both clarinets sound together up front on “All Individuals”, gleeful, infectious and rib-tickling. This music seems to blur the lines between periods of times and cultures, the distant past and the present and New Orleans with Dutch or Eastern European traditions – all blended together into one joyous, creative and inspiring gumbo variation. This music makes me feel good to be alive so what more could you want?!? – Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
CD $16